Sequence editor alpha

I’ve been using Quicktime to composite layers of video, but I’d like to try the sequence editor. I have two movies that I added to together, but the alpha isn’t working. Any thouhgt. The movies are quicktime PNG-based movies.

Assuming you’re doing everything right, it could be just that Blender doesn’t recognize alpha in MOV files…

Try replacing the MOV-with-alpha with an image with alpha and see if it works. If yes, then you’re out of luck. If no, then there’s something wrong with your setup…

Hope this helps (some)…

I works with PNG with alpha but not Quicktime-PNG with Alpha. Oh well. Found a work around using Quicktime.

Too bad that plugins destroy alpha as well, If you use the Blur plugin to blur something post-production through the sequence editor, the alpha dies.

Feature Request for sure.

BTW, this is true with plugins aas well for regular pngs with Alpha. the seq editor destroys alpha. Pity, that’s a pretty important feature. Since there is an RGBA button I call this a defect.

You’re right, but that’s an error with the plugin. You might want to report it to the plugin author.

It’s the built-in blur plugin I’m talking about. I’ll post somewhere on the dev forem to find out where to report it.

There’s a built in Blur effect in the sequence editor?

That’s news!!

I thought it came from HERE

I should have said, the ‘bundled’ blur plugin.