sequence editor - bagckground and foreground

I’ve been playing with the sequence editor for a project that needs both yafray and blender internal rendered stuff, and I have been trying to get a few more details on how to combine those. I used multiply effect to combine those, and pressing CKEY for changing effects I can choose swith A <-> B, and switch B <-> C.
What does that mean? I played with it but couldn’t see a difference.

Also, I have a logo mesh rendered with yafray and particles with internal, and combining those in the sequence editor, the particles don’t show up in front of the logo. How can I make it show up?


Switch A<->B and B<->C change the order in with the strips are processed by the effect. However, in the case of a multiply which is order independant (AFAIK), this is useless.

In your case, I think you’d be much better off rendering with an alpha layer and using an Alpha Over effect.


How would I do that?
It’s an animation, so should I render in Targa or what? activate the RGBA button in the render animations, and what else?

Activate RGBA, choose one of the two alpah enabled background mode (Premul or Key, I suggest Key) and choose an alpha enabled file format (PNG or Targa, I suggest PNG).
Then, it will render your animation as a numbered sequence of images which you can load in the sequencer by selecting all of them at once using the normal Add Image function.


Thank you Martin, works like a charm.
I had tried that before using Key, but in the render window it looked like crap, so I didn’t use it in the sequence editor. Looks fine though!

Thanks a bunch!