sequence editor crashes

I’ve got a new system running x64. Blender works very well on it, with one exception.

In the sequence editor, when I create any kind of effect between two tracks, playing it back causes Blender to crash. It may take 100-150 frames or so to do it, but it always happens.

It doesn’t seem to matter what sort of tracks I’m using, or which effects.

Can anyone suggest a fix, or a way to diagnose the problem?


Don’t know hey. Do you get an Error popup from your OS? If you see anything in there (like xxx.dll) it probably the Video Card and it could also be a lack of RAM or Virtual Mem.

You could try rendering to DispView, F10, Output tab or rendering By Parts:
or from the command line:


I do get an error popup and I’ve looked at the details, but I don’t really know what to look for.

I doubt that it’s insufficient RAM (I’ve got 4 GB).

There’s no problem with rendering, which is fast and reliable, from both the GUI and the command line. But after I render, I assemble sequences to adjust various animaton timings; and simply playing them back in the sequence editor causes a crash.