Sequence Editor "ERROR: The selected file is not a mov


I’m new to Blender. Although I am not a 3D artist, I am interested on using Blender’s Video Sequence Editor to edit video (as suggested here: ).

The problem that I am having is that, at the point of actually loading the video file (on a Video Sequence Editor window type, by clicking on add -> movie and browsing to the file), I get the following error:

<b>ERROR: The selected file is not a movie</b>

The error does not say that the format is unsuported, just doesn’t recognizes it as a movie, although I’ve checked with dv video, on avi files, mpeg, quicktime, etc., all wIith the same results.

(BTW, I am running Blender 2.36 on Debian (DeMudi) on a Pentium M laptop, but yesternight, I was also testing on a friends computer, with Blender 2.41, with the same results)

I am being able to load static images, and, strange enough, Blender does not complain if I click on a movie file when adding an image; It puts it on the time line, but (¿of course?) it doesn’t play.

I checked a couple of tutorials and they just add the movie without any prior ceremony.
Perhaps adding video files needs Blender to be compiled with some special options?
or is there a kind of format that is easily recognized by Blender as a movie?

The article cited above says that Blender supports FFMPEG (a very powerful converter, which supports many different movie formats); I do have that independently installed, but Blender, according to my package manager, doesn’t depend on it.

What could be wrong? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

[ note: I have also posted this question here: ]

as far as I know blender doesn’t support ffmpeg yet, so in linux blender will only work with raw and jpeg avi files.

At the moment Blender only likes videos without the audio layer. (sigh)
Aside from that, the Blender seq editor realy is good. It seems to accept any codec your system has registered (without path setting or any such,) and can sync the audio seppratly. Fast results once you get the hang of it :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about Linux though. I should find out as I’m thinking of porting to it.