sequence editor going blank

I’ve been trying to use the sequence editor. I consistantly am unble to render animations (they turn out black). This morning I put together a short animation and was able to preview it - then - black screen :< on the render window and preview window with inabillty to render the animation. Any advise is much appreciated. I had no problem doing the sequence editor tutorial by b@rt.

This might be a silly question, but do you have the “Do Sequence” button pressed in (under the big “Anim” button)?
That’s my most commonly made sequence editing mistake… :wink:


yes sir, Do Sequence is selected

Maybe you could describe a bit more about what your doing?
(ie. sequencing scenes within the blend, avi’s from outside the blend, etc.)
Were you working at a different machine earlier? If you were sequencing stuff from external files, do you still have all of them, and in the same paths? :expressionless:

Thanks for the reply. I have a sequence of blender made tga and avi files inserted with a simple cross feature here and there. A typical scenario would be to create a sequence. As I am doing so all of a sudden the preview window goes blank and I can’t get a preview back ever. I’m having to start over from scratch every time.
RH9 linux
196 RAM
256 swap
PII 333
I created the tga files on this machine and stored them in a file. As I build the sequence (in a new blend session) the images are visible in the preview window. When I do ANIM the sequence preview window goes black and the render window shows no images (black). The images are no longer vailable for the preview window after that. I have to start over. The curser numbers scroll by with no image in the rendering window.

OK here is another symptom.
when I insert an image and have it selected, the path appears correctly displayed. Once the image is previewed the path chanages and the fiel name changes. For example, the black.tga in the path becomes …/@black.tga . The title of the image in the sequence window reflects this change in the path also. Once the crash occurs the path ends with …/@ and the program doesn’t seem able to find …/@. Is /@ a buffer file of some kind? IF so why is it flushing this buffer without me hitting the clear button?

well I managed to render my animation. Opened a new blend file > installed the images and video files in the sequence window without doing a preview and rendered the sequence successfully.
Any attempt to preview on my machine causes the render to go black due to a problem with image path alterations by blender. Anyone else have this problem? Or is it me?