Sequence Editor Preview Quality

Is there any way to adjust the quality of the sequence editor preview? Aside from turning off OSA, raytrace, etc.?

None of those settings change the quality of the sequence editor one single bit. :wink:

You’re positive? The preview window in the sequence editor renders the picture. If raytrace is on, then reflections show up, which causes the preview to be slower. Turn it off…and no reflections…faster preview.

That’s a property of the image not it’s quality in the preview. Splitting hairs I know, but, if raytrace as you put it, ‘improves the quality’ then so would better lighting, textures, materials…
No, there is no setting, it’s just a preview.


My apologies on my wording. I wasn’t referring to ‘quality’ as in ‘this image rocks’, but more the display quality of the preview.

After Effects, for example, has Full, Half, Third, Quarter. Quarter generating a preview much faster than Full, obviously.

Just wanted to clarify, as you’ve already stated there is no way.


You can hit the 100% / 75% / 50% buttons in the render options to reduce the size of the preview. That helps.

I wish there was a way to know for sure how much the preview is lagging. That’s holding back it’s functionality as a video editor.