Sequence editor resizing


Blender 2.53

Sequence editor > Import a clip bigger than project resolution.
I set Image offset checkbox to keep the clip in it’s original size/proportions. When I use transform to downsize the clip to fit the screen, it is cropped to project resolution.(Ie.: part that was out of projects viewport is not there when scaled down. Same when rendered.)

Is it me? :slight_smile:


Maybe I posted in wrong forum?
Or no one had alike problems with downsizing?

This may belong in some other forum but fwiw, did you try resizing first and then clipping? I’ve had some problems with this with 2.49 but haven’t needed it since. One thing is that this only works properly on metastrips, that one took me a while to figure out. Did you try doing the same thing with the compositor instead? Only problem there is that in the compositor the image starts out centered not in lower left corner.

Thanks for reply,
I should made myself clearer.

The problem is I don’t want to clip/crop anything. I want just to downsize the imported video file (actually a lot of files) to include in sequence. But it gets cropped to project resolution, before downsizing when I use “Transform”. So I get a fragment of picture with black space around.

Might it be a bug? Or I missed some button…