Sequence editor tut - Add IPO help needed!

Hey, all–

I’m learning the sequence editor now, based on the tutorial in the manual at:

The problem is, when I get to the part where the IPO is adjusted for the video Adds (to find this quick, go to right below figure 25.11) the “trail” of the added wireframe cubes PRECEDES, not follows, the main action (the lighter cubes come first, not last). I’ve even tried inverting which IPO modification applies to which “Add,” giving the third Add the IPO value of 1 and the first a value of 0.3, but neither way seems to change it.

Any clues as to what I’m doing wrong? Oh, and I’m running v2.4.


Try flipping the IPO; if it goes from Y=0.00 at frame 1 to Y=1.00 at frame 50 make it 1.00 at frame 1 and 0.00 at frame 50.


Actually, I fixed by inverting the order of which movies were added in which frames, essentially flipping the levels–for instance, the fourth movie strip now starts at frame 0, the third (level 4) at frame 1, 2nd at frame 2, and first (level 1) at frame 3. I also put the IPO level for Add 3 (level 7) at 1, add 2 (level 5) at .6, and add 1 (level 3) at .3. That did the trick!