Sequence Editr & Time

Hello People.
Two Questions:

I have 7 Animation Scenes with many animations. Now i want t connect them together, to get a film.
First problem is that the whole animations are too quick because unfrunatelly i learned time after beginning that 25 frames are one secound :frowning:
I thougth of making the whole animation slower and i saw a video tutorial where is shown to make an animatin slower with the “time” in the IPO window. But how can i do this for sme animatins at the same time, i tried it with an empty and put a timeline in but it didn’t concern the animations.
Then there i found an “speed controle” effect strip in the video sequence editor. Well i played a littele bit with it, but nothing happened.
In fact i also didn’t found helpfull r understandable tutorials for the sequence editr.

Please can you help me? because time is running out and it’s really necessary to me.

PS.: I als thought of rendering animation for animation and filming them with an independent software and then connecting them r something. But then there would be the problem with the time anyway.

Are the animations made in Blender? If so you could just scale up the key frames, which would slow the animation down…

  1. You can slow down the framerate to like 10 frames per second, and although you will not get the quality you like, it is easy fix. Then you can use the sequence editor to cut them together.
  2. You can use the Speed Control on the Scene Strip with like 0.5 as the speed. If the scene runs 100 frames, set your ANIM End: to 200 frames and render it out at 25 frames per second. It will play at half speed.
  3. Do you have an EXACT timeline for your animation? You MUST have that first. Either draw a storyboard and me exact times (seconds) for when each pose is hit, OR film yourself doing the animation at regular speed and then time it with a stopwatch. Go in, as PatDog says, and change the timing of each IPO curve for Each object, to match that using 25fps as your frame number. For example, if something is to happen at 3 seconds into the animation, set that keyframe to be at frame 75.

Hi People.
First merry Christmas an well thank you for helpinf me so far.
As i read through PapaSmurfs number 2 cought my eyes and i think this may be the easyest way, isnt’t it?
EDIT: This effect i will nly get after rendering am i right?

Well did i get it right that i have to make evry single keyframe of evry single animation 25 frames to each other? I think this would distort my animated progress because everything would be in the same interval r do i have to multiplicate it with 25 frames this would stretch it endless or?(hope you get what i wrote :-/ )

Ok i have to modellize and animate my prject ready and well than i try your propsal and then i report back

Thanks s long
Have a nice day