sequence effects: oilify. added edge detection 29.5.2005

As example of Oilify sequence effect I’m developing:

Blender, /w Yafray render

Get to see the brush-size controlled with an IPO.

Edge detection effect: added 29.05.2005


thats cool. looking forward to the plugin.

I coded it as effect straight into Blender. When I finish some more effects I’ll look into making them into plugins (unless the get accepted into CVS :wink: )

I’ll post a patch soon.


Nice effect. While your on a project like this I have a suggestion… hem… request … Ha ha. I would really like to see more compositing modules in the sequencer. Something akin to the layer blending modes of Photoshop. I.e. Screen, lighten, darken, multiply, etc.
I could really use that a lot!

i already have a list for him :slight_smile:

(a bit dark render btw, but that’s best out of what I’ve seen sofar)

Laplace edge detection is under construction… :slight_smile: I have on my personal wishlist (GIMP plugin names): Neon, Glasstile, Mosaic and Cubism


I updated 1 post with a link to a very short anim showing the brushsize animated.


I’m very excited about this effect. One question though: is it so dark because you rendered it that way, or does the effect make it darker?

It is hard to make out, but from what I can tell it looks great! keep up the good work.

Because I rendered it without much lighting.


  • renamed topic
  • added link to avi with short anim showing edge detection on suze
  • I’ll post more whenever I got more implemented :slight_smile: