sequence guide

can you use the sequencer to split an avi into frame and then use some of the avi frames as background pictures to guide your keying of your rigging

I think you can actually use the AVI as a background so that you can frame match.

There’s a recent tutorial in here showing a live action room freezing up with Blender CGI Ice. I’ll see if I can find it…

(…Time passes and Ammusionist searches…)

Here you go:

You can find almost anything here in Elysiun if you only look!

this is cool ;
there must be only certain avi formats supported by blender ;

does anybody know of any converter or is there some codec i need to have blender use it as a texture or movie in option …
its showing not a movie on most files

Blender only internally supports AVI Jpeg and AVI raw. Any other codec must be fully installed and registered on the system.

If you google it you can find all kinds of utilities, including those that diagnose your system to see what you have installed and what you might want/need to install.

Hope this helps.

i didnt have divx 3.11 apha codec…
after i installed it it worked…

so what does java do

What does java do? Nothing you need.

It’s a VM programming language, mostly used for fancy web stuff. If you needed it you’d know it.