sequence plugins - fresh from download

i just downloaded a bunch of plugins from and i wanted to know how to get them to work and everything.

I downloaded zblur, afterglow, cartoon, rgstereo, and invert all in .dll format since i am usin windows.

Where do i put them and how do i use them? i looked under search but coudln’t find a from download tut - sorry if that sounds like a lame excuse to be lazy but it is the truth and after 30 minutes of seaching i am more than willing to be called lazy! %|

so help!

material --> texture --> plugins :smiley:
=) Enjoy.

lol! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

i actually thought of that like 5 minutes ago hadn’t tried it out yet though! don’t i feel stupid! thanks - i am a guru goin on newb! :smiley:

sorry that isn’t it! i am using sequence plugins not texture plugins so it doesn’t work to do that - so how do i do it then?

i know where to get them but how do i use one? i want to use the zblur one first is there a tut i can follow that shows me how to set it up directly from the default screen?

ah thanks i’ll try to get this to work in time for the wc109 entry! :wink: