sequence rendering crash... EVERY TIME!

Hello. Its me, :o .

Anyway, theres this weird problem I’ve found in blender that I have expirienced more than once. I have several clips inside the sequence editor, and everything is fine, but then when I go to render the sequence, blender crashes at exactly the same frame every time. (which happens to be 339 in this case) I’ve tried with 2.23, 2.25, 2.27, 2.28. Is this a glitch or is there something wrong with my head?

Are you using any plugins? I’ve had a lot of problems with them lately. What’s happening at the moment blender crashes? Is it in the middle of a clip, or is it a new one? Are you using movies, images, or scenes? I’d guess that you’ve got a problem with the .blend file, or with you source files, assuming you aren’t using scenes. I’d try and recompile all of the clips in a new file, see if it gives you the same problem. If so, check if you can render from 340 and up. If so, I’d render 1 (or whatever) to 338 and then 340 to whatever. A single missing frame shouldn’t be very noticable.


Does it happen if you render 339 alone, or just if you render it as an animation?

Thanks for the advice, Goo.

Actually, it does crash just before I use the warp plugin, but it has done this before in other files where there is just a row of rendered .avi files in the sequence.