Sequencer and Image Viewer not cooperating!

EDIT: Scratch that, I just figured it out :smiley:

I’m trying my hands at using Blender for video editing. REAL video editing, nothing 3D involved. Camera recordings of a musical play.

I’ve figured out the basics, and it’s working quite well now (kudos on how many formats Blender will import!!). However, I have my Sequencer window and Image Viewer window side by side, and the Viewer does not update when I scrub the green timeline in the sequencer window. This makes it very difficult for me to time fade-overs!

How do I make the Image Viewer automatically update, so that I can scrub the timeline in the Sequencer and view the impending results of my editing? (I tried Update Automatically, but it does me no good…)

and since we have now officially entered September 19th… ARRRRRRR!!!

just wondering what kind of media you are using (DV)? and how long each piece is. Some others find that Blender gets quite sluggish with big clips. And is your audio a problem, do you have to import it seperatley and sync them to your shots?