Sequencer and video formats

Hi all you blenders,

I have some short sequences which I did some
years ago using 3ds max. I have them all as
AVI files encoded with cinepak. Now I’d like to
import them in the blender sequencer but it says
that it is not a valid movie format.

So, my first question is which video formats are
supported by blender? I thought it can handle all
formats for which a codex is available. Interestingly
my mplayer (linux) can play the videos.
I also tried to recode the files using mencoder and
transcode but it still doesn’t work. I tried to transcode
the video to single frames but they are all green with
some colorful noise at the top of each frame.

Hence, my second question is how I can convert them
to a format which is supported by blender. I should mention
that I use the blender-cvs version.

Any hints?

Best regards,


If you are trying to load them into Blender in Linux, then i can see why it wouldn’t work. There are no codecs in Linux, in the same way that Windows handels them, which is how Blender decodes them. At least until the FFMPEG support, I think.

If you are using Blender in Windows, then yes, it will work with MOST of your codecs. (I think if it uses YUV color then it will goof up).

When I work with Blender, I ALWAYS convert them to image sequences and strip the audio out, and save it to .WAV. Works in all platforms.

Dear Metsys,

thanks for your answer. I thought
blender linux would import them.
I will see if the windows version
will eat my vids. Then I can convert
them to targa frames I hope.

Best regards,