Sequencer - Color / Gamma Correction

Hi everyone,

I might be missing something here, so please feel free to call me an idiot if it’s obvious.

I’m using the Blender VSE to edit some video captured from a camera. The VSE works great for cutting things up, doing transitions, etc. but is there some way to do color correction? I’ve searched but haven’t found any plugins that would do the job or any internal functionality.

My only thoughts are to make a plane and import the movie as a texture, then use the node compositor to make the adjustments. Seems like a rather messy solution though.

Maybe I should just use a different app?

Thanks for any advice in advance.


I’ll check it out - maybe be a new tool.

Seems like it would be a fairly trivial plugin to implement… and I’m honestly surprised there isn’t one already.

This thread probably belongs in a support forum. Sorry. Mods feel free to move it if deemed necessary.

Use the Gamma node, then run the scene into the VSE

Use the Gamma Node on what though? I’m not rendering a scene. I’m strictly using Blender for editing a video taken with a video camera.

The only way to import a video is via the VSE. As far as I know,the Compositor has no input method for video sequences.

Cheers Papasmurf - you’ve just helped answer a question of mine even before I had the chance to post it!

load the video into the compositor as you would an image and in the ‘properties’
(in the image editor, i think) set it to sequence,
though i could remember it a little wrong and you might need it to be all separate images
(like 00001.jpg 00002.jpg <jpg used as an example)

see if this video might be of some help maybe:

AHA! Thanks Felix!!

Sequence is for a series of images, but the Image Input noodle was the trick anyhow. I didn’t think it could load movies. Then I just use the Scene strip in VSE as though it were a movie strip.

Pretty obvious now that I think about it. Oh well. Many thanks!

There is a new color correction in VSE in the SVN trunk. When in the VSE Try the new film strip button on the header