Sequencer - crossfade?

im trying to master the sequencer in blender but im kinda stuck right now.

Is it possible to do a fade in/fade out between two scenes and could someone explain it to me or show me a .blend when it’s done (probably easier) - Ive looked at the Blender documentation at but still can’t quite figure it out

Thx. in advance :=)

Overlap the two strips. Select the first. Shift+select the second. Shift+A. Click Cross.

You could also have a 3rd strip of just one frame (white or black) and fade to that, then fade to the next strip.



Related to this, would anyone like to code in a ‘Solid Colour’ sequence strip, so I can do fadeouts to black nice and easily without having to make a black PNG the size of my render and import that? :slight_smile:

I’ll see if it can fit in to the refactoring of the sequencer editor I’m planning. It should be easy (famous last words).



I used Alpha cross instead…

But the whole problem was that I was using ‘glow’ on the scenes and apparently you can’t have both a ‘cross’ and a ‘glow’ effect in the sequencer - well I coulden’t figure out how anyways :slight_smile:

rendering it with the ‘cross’ and then adding the ‘glow’ to the rendered sequence. %|

Hi Claws

how about making a metastrip of the cross effect and add a glow to that, you can still edit the metastrip at a later time


I’m thinking it would be easier to create a scene with nothing in it than to use a sequence plugin, since plugins have to be placed on top of another strip. Just set the background color to whatever you want, add a camera and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

but it you really want me to, it would be trivial to write a plugin that does that.

Hey, I didn’t think of that, thats thinking outside the box! :smiley: Im not home right now so i can’t try it out but maybe youre on to something :slight_smile:

-Nothing, changed my mind, read the whole thing and saw qwe gave the answer-

ooh, static color sequence effect, cool idea. I could do that.


heehee, but with color picker ! :wink: