Sequencer: disable margin and fps


Is it possible to remove the margin and frame rate in the VSE?
I’m not talking about the safe margin but the one that is in the border of the video frame.

Do you mean the little black edge on the side of old video? That is the blanking area and not used in digital TV, or file based production/transmission. You could zoom the image up to fill the project dimensions or reduce the dimensions and crop the source back to it’s original size, minus the black edge. So you need to know how many pixels to deduct from that project size.

I’m talking about the dotted edge on the border of the video.
I would prefer to have nothing instead. I’m using the sequence editor to check renders and this dotted edge is perturbing in some case.

In “User Preferences” you can uncheck ‘Interface > Playback FPS’ and while I don’t know how to remove the margin, the colour is set by ‘Themes > Video Sequence Editor > Region Background’, so you could set this to black (however you’ll also see what else is affected).

Thank you spaced.
The Region Background is indeed the color of the edge but unfortunatly it’s also the color of the panel property. Too bad.