Sequencer low FPS

I’m making two scenes. The first one is just Suzanne and the camera. In the second run Sequencer and it create a strip with a scene with Susannah.
When playing the sequencer, I observe an extremely low FPS equal to 5.
It can’t be that way. The same situation in 2.79 produces more than 30 FPS.

In the N-pane of the preview the window becomes black when Wireframe is selected. There are no objects.
The Solid mode preview shows flat objects as if they were two-dimensional.

I have poor English, so I recorded video for clarity:

If you turn off the Movie and Anti-itiasing, the FPS will rise to normal values.

But I still cannot work if the Preview objects are flat
it looks like it’s gonna be a long time.

Surprisingly, with such an excellent opportunity to render animation quickly at the expense of Eevee, the animation itself does not have the ability to do.
Such a primitive animation is not possible at the moment in 2.8.

I very much hope that soon the developers will pay attention to Sequensor.