Sequencer output

Hey guys, I have a quick question.

Is there any reason why Blender might be truncating my animation when outputting from the sequencer? In the following image, in Blender, the last frame is displayed on the right, but when it’s output and viewed in VLC, you can see that the last frame recorded is about 15 frames too soon. You can also see by looking at my start and end values that I have left plenty of buffer room. Any ideas?

IIRC that is VLC related. VLC just loves to stop video display too early.
Try another player like djv_view, MPC or VirtualDub.

Personally I got djv_view as default animation viewer in blender.

Heh, you’re right, when I uploaded it to Vimeo, it worked just fine.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

As a comment I can´t hold back… very good animation.

Thanks Arexma!