I’m not sure, if this is the right topic for my question…so please, administrators, feel free to move this thread to the right direction…:wink:

Well…my problem concerns the sequencer: Everytime i try to import a movie (a clip about one or two MB not a real movie…;)) as a new strip, blender tells me, that it isn’t a movie or the ffmpeg-support isn’t compiled (despite the fact, that all codecs are installed and working on my machine).

I use blender on a windows-xp-system and tested this issue with several video-formats like AVI, MPG, MOV and so on…maybe someone around here has an idea?

I’ve also tried to find some informations about import-limitations in the Internet and an, but wasn’t succesfull. Is it possible, that this feature is (will ba) only available in later releases, respectively it isn’t in general impossible on Windows-OS?

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Okay…I think we can close this thread, due to the fact, that i found out, that something with the installation had to be wrong. I installed blender completely new, and everything wirks fine now.



that error message is also triggered when you incorrectly right-click vs left-click on a file name.

I am having the same problem. I cannot import any video files into the compositing nodes or the video sequencer. In compositing it just doesn’t do anything. In the video sequencer it gives me the error message about FFmpeg not compiled in.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2.45 3 times now with no luck. I even tried the zipped version. Both versions I downloaded from the normal website. I tried installing 2.44 and it works perfectly every time.
How can I fix this? There seems to be a small bug in the main compile of 2.45.
For now I will have to go back to using 2.44. This may be a problem however because I recently taught a class on using Blender to create great graphics for video NLE’s and I’m sure everybody will be downloading 2.45.

I think you are experiencing the same problem as I have with blender 2.44 and 2.45, only that on my system (OS X 10.3.9), blender just crashes when using video in both the Compositing Nodes and the NLE. (Here my bugreport that I started back in June about this problem…)

The irony here is that I am also an editor and like you try to pitch blender and the NLE (+ Compositing Nodes) to others, in my case Final Cut Pro editors. So far two of them had trouble getting blender to run at all because of the Python thing (I don’t know yet what went wrong) and of course having a buggy video environment (see also this thread) does not help at all.

Under OS X I also can’t export video + audio except as an MPEG-2 compressed file (which I don’t need that much), all other presets crash blender or don’t do anything at all. So something is not working here at all and for the first time since I stared using blender (about 16 months ago) and I am getting a bit concerned about these issues, since now also other vital components of blender are causing serious problems for me (I just go stuck with rendering my latest animation since I get strange black and coloured dots in certain places - no solution yet for my rendering setup) or parts of the OS X build are just missing (browsing your own materials is now reduced to browsing a directory, no icons with the materials you used, not fun to work with at all) as I mentioned here a month ago.

Maybe someone more experienced can tell me that those are the usual problems you go trough when working on bigger projects, hopefully that is the case. Just right now being left with an OS X 2.45 blender that looks more and more broken does not feel nice at all… What are the options: going back to 2.43 and waiting for 2.5…? Switching to Ubuntu because OS X support is not really possible at this point…? What went wrong with 2.44 and 2.45 and why don’t we get a new build if someone finds out that certain components (like browsing your materials library) are missing…? I really want the stable blender back that I could trust and enjoyed working with - blender was so close of being the perfect all in one production tool…

I am running on Windows XP like the first person in this thread. Blender 2.44 works perfectly for me and I have tried dozens of times to reinstall 2.45 with no luck. It is almost as if FFmpeg is just missing in the build which I know is true of some builds.
I would have thought more people would have noticed if it was missing however. I just can’t figure out why it will not work for me.

Can somebody please help me figure out this problem? Am I the only one that has this problem?

Maybe have another look at this thread, comment 11 might have a solution, I’m still trying to figure out these things myself, but it looks like if you use another FFMpeg version this particular problem could go away…

I am using the prebuilt version on the website. I tried both the installer and the zipped version. If I download the Windows 2.44 version it works great. It is only the 2.45 Windows version on the website that does this for me. It was my understanding that FFmpeg was built in already and I didn’t have to have FFmpeg installed on my system. I don’t think FFmpeg has an installation anyway.

What I meant to say is that you could try to build your own blender version from the source and include another FFMpeg…