sequencer question

How can I overlay a video over another in the blender sequencer?

What I’ve got is a video that is the background. It renders fine when I click “do sequence”.

Now, I made an animation of a name box (its a little box in the corner that says “Caleb S, Reporting live”). the box slides in and then out. How can I render this animation and use it in the sequencer over the background video?

If the anim of the box has an alpha background you select the two strips and add an AlphaOver effect strip. If not then you can use an Add effect strip.


Can you tell me how to set up this AlphaOver effect? Does it enable me to clear out the black on the overlay and let the background show thru?


jason h

Does it enable me to clear out the black on the overlay

No, you need to render that with an alpha chanel by rendering with Premul and RGBA set to on in F10 buttons to a format that supports alpha like .png or .tga or QT if it’s video (I don’t know which other video formats support alpha).

Then you have (let’s say) your background in chanel 1 and the box in chanel 2 you select the box strip then Shft-Select the background strip, Shft-A >> AlphaOver. The new strip will show you ( 2>1) strip 2’s alpha overlayed over strip 1. Click the Sequence Strip Icon in the header, choose Preview and use the arrow keys to skip thru the frames to check what you have.


Thanks again Fligh! You’ve answered more of my question than anyone else I think since I’ve been here!

Ok, another question…

I have added an audio file (wav) into the sequencer. How can I render the animation and have sound?!

I tried already to render a QT file, but no sound came!

Hi Jason!

Currently, sound can only be included via the ffmpeg library. Thus, you have to use a linux build of Blender 2.42, since ffmpeg isn’t included in the Windows version yet.

In order to do so, choose “FFMpeg” as the render format after which two more tabs will appear, Video and Audio. Go to the audio tab and flick on the button “Multiplex Audio” and you’re done: The sound will be included when you render your animation.

If you can’t use ffmpeg, you can export the sound separately with the “MIXDOWN” button in the Sound block buttons (press F10 several times to get there). This will give you a wav.-file which you can afterwards include in your animation with another program.


Or a windows “test build” :slight_smile: … or build it yourself :slight_smile:

I was using both of those options, and lately more the second one (my own build) until my build environment stopped working :mad:

Are all the options in the Linux FFMPEG working? ( … Hmm maybe I’ll download it and fire up my Linux hard drive and test it). The Windows FFMpeg test builds and my own build were mostly working, the main thing that worked was the sound multiplexing + mpeg2 output. I’d like to know what other issues have prevented the official 2.42(a?) version from having FFMPEG compiled in.


I didn’t test every single option, but at least mpeg2, mpeg4, xvid, H264 and avi work without a problem. On the audio side, I tested mp2 and mp3, both working flawless.