Sequences, scenes and muti level imports VSE


I have a multiple scene project, each scene having some sound effects added through the VSE. (I’m currently using 2.5 but I think it applies to 2.4x either)

My idea was to have everything in one blend file, so I created a sequence scene, went to the VSE and happily added the previous scenes.

First there was a crash in rendering (fixed after 2.53, workaround is to disable openGL preview), but then it seems that when I rendered, only 3D was imported from scenes, and not the complete ouput of each scene’s sequenceing (ie sound).

A solution would be to add sounds in the sequence scene VSE, but then it’ll be very difficult to animate individual scenes without sound ! (no preview or anything)

Do I misunderstand something ? (Am I clear enough ?) Is it possible to import the result of a scene using VSE in another scene with VSE (it’s really workable now with openGL previewing) ?

google searches didn’t return anything useful. Can anyone enlighten me ? :confused: thanks !

Sorry are you expecting to add the output from other scene’s VSE’s into a master VSE sequence? I don’t think that works.

A few months ago a bug report was raised regarding sound not transferring from scene to scene on the VSE. Nexyon (Sound Developer) queried whether that had ever been possible with 2.4xx, but implemented it in 2.5 following the bug report I believe.

Whether it’s working in the 2.53 build I don’t know. But did appear to work in earlier builds.

Here’s the bug report and Nexyon implements it.

Blender 2.5 Bug Tracker item #21548, was opened at 2010-03-11 02:00
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>Status: Closed
Priority: 3
Submitted By: yellow … (yellow)
Assigned to: Joerg Mueller (nexyon)
Summary: Audio doesn’t work when adding scenes with audio to another scene.
>Resolution: Fixed
Category: Sequencer

Initial Comment:
When adding a scenes containing audio to a ‘Master’ scene and then playing back in the ‘Master’ scene, the movie/images etc play but the audio doesn’t. Placing an audio strip in the ‘Master’ scene plays so audio is working.
Ubuntu Linux 64bit

>Comment By: Angel Angelov (dexterlb)
Date: 2010-03-11 15:03
Confirmed here.
Ubuntu Karmic 32bit

Comment By: Matt Ebb (broken)
Date: 2010-03-18 03:27
Question for Joerg: Is this even supported or implemented? If not, then we can close this report for not being a bug - strict definition “something that’s intended to work, but doesn’t”.

Comment By: Joerg Mueller (nexyon)
Date: 2010-03-18 09:06
That’s not implemented, but leave it here, I’ll tackle this as soon as I got a little spare time to do this, it shouldn’t be hard to implement this with my audio system.

Comment By: Joerg Mueller (nexyon)
Date: 2010-03-20 12:16

Wow. :eek:
This is a fast answer from your part & implementation !
I’ll check with other builds / test files.

So only sound, other elements (video files, …) need to be added as a texture within the 3D scene.

Thanks a lot !

Yes Nexyon is very active audio developer, he’s brought great advancement in sound to blender, it has for years been a PITA and blender has had failed previous attempts at a new sound system. If only Ubuntu sound devs were so active. (Dig at crappy Pulseaudio) :slight_smile:

Blender has been able to load scenes between VSE’s before 2.49, not sure when it was implemented. So video and images are no problem to add in one scene and have in other scene(s). Camera overide and OpenGL preview are new, thanks to Campbell. (Ideasman).

You can add scenes with comp nodes render output too. :slight_smile:

Doh, silly me. I infact suggested this very solution for source clip selection. That of multiple scenes to scrub other clips and trim them to length. I thought that it worked as a shot import from other scenes… hmm.

@3point, yes that was the ‘bin’ idea from sometime ago, thanks for the reminder, will try that again.

@makepuf At the moment though, VSE scene to scene video is broken, bug report done. :slight_smile: