Sequencing pictures into a movie clip

Hi, I have a bunch of rendered images outputted into individual image files for each frame.

Is there a way to import these images into the blender sequencer at a given framerate then export out a video file? If not, can someone suggest a good program (preferably free/open source) which can do this?

Hi, Add image strip, go to the folder where the images are and mark all with “a”.
Framerate settings are in the render settings as the output settings.
Start with Avi Jpeg.
All video codecs on your system are supported.

Cheers mib

Edit: ops, to slow. :slight_smile:

Sure you can!

  • Open the “Video Sequence Editor”
  • Click “Add” --> “Image” and select the images you like to use (‘A’ selects everything in the folder)
  • Make sure the sequence starts at frame 1 and set the animation ‘End’ to match the number of frames imported.
  • Choose the settings you like in the Render tab and hit Animation to start the process!

I was too slow =)

As an aside… I always generate everything using MultiLayer files (hence, one file per frame) until the very last Blend-file, which is the one that generates “the movie file.” This blend doesn’t do anything else: it just reads all the frames and writes them to a single output, possibly making minor color adjustments along the way. If you need to produce several outputs, e.g. for web use, you set up one for each.

This final step is the only place where information might be “thrown away” (compression). The “finished movie” is entirely MultiLayer files.