Sequencing the compositor.

Wouldnt it be cool if we could drop in the sequencer the things inside the compositor ? add fade ins and outs and use ipo’s ?:smiley:

Do you know if there are any proyects of bringing these features in blender ?:eyebrowlift2:

huh?? why not learn to use the current great features instead? you can do fade-in/out directly in the sequencer, you can use ipo-curves there, you can do a lot of cool effects, and you can add scenes from the compositor. why not use the tools for what they are built? sequencer for sequencing, compositor for compositing.
but then again: even good things can be improved…

can i add scenes from the compositor to the sequence editor ?

What would be even cooler would be if you could drop a scene into the sequencer and it would preview using the viewport setting instead of a full render every frickin time you moved the time.

oh yeah. that would be REALLY awesome! perhaps a feature request?

sure. what about, hm, let’s see, add–>scene ? :wink:
if you do add–>scene it’ll add your current compositor-output as a strip to the VSE, with the length/ start-end-frame that you have set in the scene buttons. but you can also have multiple scenes. then i would recommend using 1 “master-scene”, where you set your final output-video settings, and other scenes, where you do your compositing. in each compositing-scene, go to the scene buttons (f10) and set start-end-frame and aspect ratio for each scene.

also read the wiki. it’s very helpful!