sequenz editor

Hi, I am new to Blender.

I am very interested in a professional video editing and compositing software on Linux and I think Blender can (and will) become what I am looking for.

Are there some tutorials dedicated on video editing/compositing with blender?

I don t wonna learn the hole 3d part (even if blender still is mainly 3d animation software).

Does anyone know if someone is working on an audio waveform for audio files in the video sequence editor?

thank you


Grab a copy of Digital Compositing for Film and Video then review the Blender Compositor documentation. Blender has all the basics needed to do great compositing. Use Google to track down some tutorials, nothing particular comes to mind at the moment.

If you use the Sequence Editor instead of the node-based compositor, you will see that the audio waveform is already in there. Here is a tutorial.

Blender is great on video editing, but have you ever heard about cinelerra ?

I never tried it but it seems to be a great tool for linux video editing.

It’s available in two flavors (both open source) :

See why there are two versions here :

The guys from Cinelerra CV are building a new editing suit from scratch it is called “lumiera”.
But I wonna stick with Blender, because Blender is already so close to what I need it just needs some more versions and then I think it will be the all in one software I always dreamed of;
Node based compositing, and video editing, soon with integrated camera tracking, image editing (maybe one day a replacement for gimp?) and of course 3d animations (which I might look into at a later point).

I did not managed to get the audio waveform, how do you do that?
Thanks for the link


You have to add sound the “RAM” way to see the waveform. The HD way does not display it.

you are right.
Cool, thank you :smiley:

I like blender more and more :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use the outliner or action editor in Blender for Video compositing as well (like in after effects) ?

What I hate about the sequenzer is that it is a mass. Why having strips for every single effect, why not integrating the effect as a colored line into the video-strip? It would also be very helpful if every video-strip would start with an image of the first and last frame of the video file. It would also help if I could select a strip with left mouse click and could enter basic options with the right click like in final cut avid liquid e.t.c.

But I think we’ ll getting there.

It’s currently not possible to use the outliner for compositing… Blender’s compositor is entirely based around a node-based philosophy

Hm, ok.
Is there a way that blender shows me the safety zone?
If I load a huge image, I can t tell at the moment, which parts will be in the area which can be rendered, and which parts are out of frame.

In the compositor I don’t think there’s a way, but you could manually make a kind of boundary image…
In the sequencer you can click on the “T” button to show “title-safe” borders (I think this is what you mean?)

In the compositor you can just create you own action safe / title safe / cross hairs etc, in a separate image and then just composite that image over the output sent to the preview node. The nice thing about this is you can setup the safe zones however you like.