Serene Deck

I feel it’s missing something… but what?

C&C Appreciated ^.^

there could be some shadows…
and the waves are too big, but still a cool image :slight_smile:

Higher res textures, Model the trees and make some shadows.
Light the wooden area better. At the moment there is a lot of room for improvement. And please make the waves a LOT smaller.

I can also see a SEAM, YES A SEAM in the texture. needs to be fixed urgently. Its on the rock texture

-Fixed Lighting (though, i think it may be a bit much… I’ll touch that down later)
-Fixed the water
-Changed the texture and it was the highest resolution i could find that met the following criteria…
A. It’s free
B. It matches the scene.
C. Seamless
I’ll keep looking for a better texture

  • Got rid of the dead trees

Note: The trees WILL NOT be modeled in an attempt to keep this as low-poly as possible. Until i get a graphics card that can allow me to edit things smoothly when i have a lot of them, i will begin modelling trees again. (Believe me i’ve tried it before and it lags like hell)

The small stuff can be addressed later though… what i need now is suggestions on what to add, not crits on what is already there. Feel free to give me crits but they wont be put into mind until AFTER all the modelling is done and the scene is complete.

What should i add?

The main thing I think it’s missing is a strong focal point. The foreground is just as light as the background, making it all blend together and the central area of the picture is mostly taken up with relatively dark water.

You should add some stairs or something to get up to the slightly higher deck area. Also, that bridge is rater unrealistic, it should have more of a curve. Something more like this:

-Fixed Lighting
-Added stairs and fixed the bridge (thanks for the suggestions rm5248)
-Tweaked water material

Suggestions are appreciated = )

A quick Mountain texture test, it may not be seamless but i think it looks better… What do you guys think?


It looks so much better compared to the first version :smiley:

Maybe it would look better on the water if you make the water thing fractally or whatever. <— Thats what you get from 13 yr olds :smiley:

But if you used the fractal thingy on the water then when it comes to looking at where the water meets the land its just flat and straight so it would be more real if it was a more wavy line where water meets land seeing as there are supposedly waves.

I think it would still pay off to model a tree, not too high poly and use that in the foreground and then you could have alpha mapped pics in the background like you have now.

Rocks are always good to have somewhere in a scene :wink:

It really does look a lot better now that it’s a nice brown colour that’s easy on the eye.

Try a procedural texture for the rock and see how that looks.

That’s all folks


really great improvement compared to the first render !!!

here are my suggestions:

-you may want to use some more polys for the terrain, it looks a little
blocky right now… maybe adding a subdiv-modifier would do it

-a little bit of fog in the distance would add more depth and atmosphere to the scene

  • the texture on the fence posts looks a little streched, maybe using a different projection would help.

  • somehow the trees look odd… Are they made with planes and alpha textures ? Did you consider to use modelled trees ? there are several cool python-scripts for tree generation around here. IMO, fake trees should be used in the background only, in the foreground the trick is toooo obvious :smiley:

Cool progress so far, keep it up !