I’m new here. Thought I’d post this. Took about three months:

Blender internal renderer, slight postproduction work in Photoshop.

Video here:


Ahh…this picture reminds me just how much I miss firefly :eyebrowlift2:

That’s a good approximation of the ship. There are a few errors, such as the floating supports 27 seconds into the animation, but overall, it’s very nicely done.


So nice! Good detail and good animation… and yes… makes us miss the show >.< Great work!

nice work

the flashing textures are probably because of smoothing

you can set it solid to fix it
or add a loop cut near the edge
try adding an edge split

it;s most noticeable on the tables

Freaking outrage.This is one of the best ships I have seen.Now I see y it takes 3 months:) Did you draw it too before your model this, can I see drawing plzz?

I didn’t draw it. There are some instructions floating round the web for making it in Lightwave. I adapted those.

Thanks for the comments, especially the one about the flashing textures - I’d been wondering what was causing those. Don’t think there’s much I can do about them at this stage though - I can’t afford to have my computer busy for 2 weeks while it re-renders the video.