Series of Blender Tutorials in 3D Artist Magazine

Well, I just look up at the calender and man, it has been over 6 months since I started writing some tutorials for Blender in3D Artist magazine. I have written 6 so far and 5 have already been published in 5 different issues with another coming out soon.

I give a quick review of each one along with the issue number and pic of the front cover here:

I have not done the cover art or tutorials of course. But just as a reference if you want to find a specific issue. I am pretty sure that they have them at Boarders and maybe even Barns and Noble and some larger news stands carry them. Not sure what the outlets are in Europe or other places. However, you can also get digital versions online as well.

I have been quite busy lately and have been forgetting to make announcements on them so here you go.

The next one will be on using Rigify.

I have tried to make the tutorials as information packed and useful as possible. Hope was successful in that. And it is a very cool mag with lots of other stuff so too if you make a habit of buying 3D mags have a look and see if there is anything you can use.


Belder = Blender

Thanks. Fixed :eyebrowlift: