Series of exercises based on female character

Hello there,

I have started a project doing a series of 100 animated exercises (push-up, sit up, etc), but I basically don’t have time to do them…

I started with a model from the Manuel Bastioni Laboratory and set is up for viewport rendering, and I don’t have time to continue this project. My client, is currently asking, quite reasonably, that her top doesn’t hug her breasts so much, but I am struggling with this, and I have too many projects to give this the time it deserves. I can send you the files, and the email of the client, and you can continue the project without me. Please email me if you are interested. I have attached the file I am working on.

Once you have fixed the model you can animate the exercises from video reference - each animation will be around 4 seconds loop.

Email me on [email protected] if you would like to take this project over.

hello! i can do that for you :slight_smile: i am a character artist and animator, i use blender but also marveloud designer for the clothes and other softwares. im writing you a mail :slight_smile:

Hello. My client’s email is

[email protected]

Please email him, as I am going to have to leave this project.