Series of small graphic works.

Hi all

I am working on a 2D tile project and need a series of tiles in different colors similiar to

I also need some small animation for this. If someone interested making some money and helping a indie developer out please let me know.

message here or skype for a chat would be wonderful


Greetings Moe!

I’m interested. For your animation, do you just want a camera fly-through? I can probably do whatever you want, but I just need to know. Here’s a video showcasing my latest work:

Best regards!
Joshua Reynolds

Hello I am intersted, my skype haouyo and my portfolio

Hi @moemoe123 , I am a professional 3d animator, and I would like to help you with your project. If you want, we can chat by skype: antonio.yaba or by gmail: [email protected]
Here you can see my demoreel: (password: animation)
I hope hear from you soon.

Hi guys… so I purchased two different tilesets from two designers and they did a good job

However my result is

it just looks strange and not very gamish… what am I doing wrong? Can someone help me with this. i don’t seem to get the bright game color feeling to the work.

I can fix that :wink: I don’t quite know what the whole animation deal is, but as far the brightness being enhanced… I can fix that :wink:

Not a final, but are you looking for something more like this?

Joshua Reynolds