serious blender startup trouble

Hi all,

    I donno if this is the right forum to discuss this, but here it goes. when i open blender, It shows a message and closes automatically. Does any of you know what this problem is because of?

I used to work on the earlier blender version with the legacy interface, It worked like a dream. But right after i tried installing the new version; this problem has surfaced.

I have a project scheduled on blender in the coming days and if this problem persists, i don’t know how i am going to be able to work on the project at all.

So, please advice.

Thanks in advance.

Hey… I don’t know if this works. Once I had this problem too. I deleted my startup.blend and afterwards it worked. Maybe you should try this.

This very message should tell you what the problem is :smiley:
Would be helpful to know what it tells you, if it pops up too short, just pipe the console output in a textfile - never tried it, but my first guess is that it works.

have you made sure to upgrade your python installation?

arexma, i don’t know what you mean.

ndee, either you are making fun of my question or i don’t know much. where can i find this ‘startup.blend’ that you mentioned.

mandoragon, i think your solution is the way to go. I think i tried that out once aswell. But it still didn’t work.

First install the right python and visualC runtime libraries if you are under windows. If it still is not working:

You pipe the output from the blender console to a textfile to be able to read the errormessage that obviously pops up too short to be read.


type “cmd” + [enter]
locate your blender installation with the basic dos commands like “cd”. =)
then start blender with
“blender.exe > log.txt”
that pipes all console output in a log.txt file you can open afterwards.

for linux its the same. just the syntax is:
for installation via repository you type in a console at any path:
“/usr/sbin/blender > log.txt”
for extracted binaries go to that directory and type:
“./blender >log.txt”

then post the contens of the logfile.

And next time you ask for “techsupport” give more information…
Operating System, Blender Version, Pyhton Version, VC runtime environment…