Serious boar design with Subidivided surfaces

they do not use NURBS but some sort of SDS
including faring for curve curvature.

I was quite surprised to see that.


Are you sure its not just clever bit of subdivision modelling organised to look more asthetically pleasing?

it is a mesh modeler utilizing sds also for surface tools

Yeah, this used to be called freeship (I think) and freely downloadable, but they went to a payware model. Interesting that its not a NURBS tool.

boar … I cannot spell right I mean BOAT

I was very surprised on my own.

Hey I just found this also, and have been trying to use it to make a hull (duh).
But so far it hasen’t turned out very good.
Although I think the software is great, but when exporting .obj, then importing to Blender
you have to subdivide some, so you end up with quite a number of vertices (around 6000 for a motorboat hull).

Yes, DelftShip is the commercial version of what used to be FreeShip. I posted here about it a couple years ago and know the developer well. It’s a great app for developing all sorts of mesh based objects as well as boats and ships. We use to model ship and underwater vehicles for our simulations. You have a lot of control over the mesh detail, so I’ve never needed to sub-d in Blender. Incidently, it also works quite well under Linux (using Wine) or OS X (using Parallels or Fusion). FWIW, the source to FreeShip (Delphi) is still at SourceForge if you want to take a “look under the hood”.