Serious Game Instructinol Simulator!

Hi I’m working on a Proof of Concept for a simulator type instructional game. The final product would use a blender created .exe launched from within director mx.

So far i have a crane type boom vehicle that drives around does some cool jumps and stuff, but the problem is that i have parented the other parts to the mesh via the logic bricks but they don’t effect the physics calc for the main crane! i.e. the arm can penetrate the floor:

Can anyone think of a way to have the mesh animate but still effect the rigid body of the whole crane so that if you exstend the boom into a building not only the boom hit the building but also the crane is affected.

This is just a Proof of Concept ATM if i get approval I will produce it at much higher mesh quality + textures + FX what you see ATM is just place holders!
Fingers crossed!

probably, it’ll be hard to do it, or even not workable?!
My idea is, that you must make all the components “rigid body” and link them with “Constraints/Rigid Body Joints”.

I second OTO, also, to animate the rigid bodies I guess the way to animate the crane shoul be using IPOs and no armatures.

I think IPOs doesn’t affect the bounding volume of the objects, so the collision won’t be taken into consideration when moving with IPOs.

I think you should try something with the PhysicsConstraints module.

Here I made a quick test.
As OTO said, Rigid body constraint helps to achieve this, and the IPO do still hve physics evaluation on the object.
BUT in this simplistic demo shows that the configuration we though is wrong, so it needs something else to work properly, but I ignore what could be.


ipoRigid.blend (136 KB)

Thankyou for the .Blend and all the help that everyone has given.

I was having problems with the IPO approach. The parts jump abut when the play back an IPO i.e. they are not local and do no inherit the parents position.

Im trying to do it with rigid body joints + simple motion ATM but im getting the feeling that this will be harder than i first thought :frowning:

just to add on the theoretical point, following what is described in the new Blender Game Kit, the BGE is a “true” game engine, opposed to the old way of conceptualising game system with “Higher Intelligence”.
One exemple there is a gun firering a bullet :
in the old concept, the program just try to emulate the physical world at a higher level, and try to calculate if you hit a target or not by some general algorithm, without actual “bullet”.
In the BGE now, you actualy attach logic to the gun that create (“fire”) a physical bullet (with logic and pysical properties attached) that flies trough the air, hit (or not) an object with a physic setup and logic bricks that define what happens… Each element is separate and can then react to more complex situation you don’t have to conceptualise in a whole algorithm in the first place. (f.ex. braking a wall composed of bricks)

When you use IPO and armature, you use some concept from the past “higher inteligence” way of doing things. So if you want to simulate a real physical system, you have to use physical propeties, joints, and movements so all the parts reacts in a good way to the physical world.

It can looks like difficult in the first place, but I think when you have understood the basics of thoses joint/physics system, it become realy good to simulate complex systems, like you seems to do now.

I wish you good things on this setup, don’t hesitate to post your result if you manage to do something interresting (I’m not myself an expert in this part of the GE… just read what to real expert write :wink: )

When you use IPO and armature, you use some concept from the past “higher inteligence” way of doing things. So if you want to simulate a real physical system, you have to use physical propeties, joints, and movements so all the parts reacts in a good way to the physical world.

LOL, he is totally right, check this file out. The only thing you need is something to tell it to stop when it isn’t touching the floor anymore, like a ray sensor.


simpleMotRigid.blend (135 KB)

Ok thank you for the help!

I now have the parts connected to the base and they react with the environment and effect the base of the crane i.e. when i hit an object with the boom the base feels the effects.

I am now having a problem with the controls, now that the objects are reacting to the laws of physics the crane is reacting in a way i don’t want, for instance the basket on the end of the boom is always falling so you cant hold its place. and the whole crane arm seems to drag behind the base when i start moving.

Is there a way to lock the rotation of the joints once i stop moving them with the keys? and then have it react again when i hit something?


Can you explain a bit please!

I cant seem to get the Orientation constraints to work at all, could you upload a blend of it working?


Would be nice that you upload something to work on but well here’s a solution:

I use a vehicle, big box, a long box as the extention, this box uses 2, BALL type, rigid body constraint, this way the extention doesn’t rotate over itself as a… mmm…well with this it won’t rotate weirdly.

The vehicle has a 200 kilogram mass while the extension has only 1 kilo, this way the extension won’t drag the vehicle.

Besides that, I added 2 no-dynamical object parented to the vehicle. The UPlimit, this manually limits the up rotation of the extention, and a lever, that is animated with an IPO.

Super important!! Those no dynamical object MUST NOT touch any dynamical part at the beginning, and you MUST make sure they don’t tresspass the dynamical object either.

Check it to see if this is what you wanted.

UP down= forward backward
Left right = rotate
Space= keep it pressed to see the up and down movement of the extension, it will animate while its pressed and stop where it was left when you release it.


mechs.blend (145 KB)

Thank you Cloud :slight_smile:

Sorry for not replying earlier, but i have been really busy at work and the boss put me on something else. That .Blend works great i have got the thing moving up and down now with some restriction to its limits.

I thank you for your help.

p.s I like the new avatar :slight_smile:

Glad to help you and thanks ^^