Serious lag using Huion drawing tablet, but only in blender

I just installed a Huion H610pro V2. I’m running Blender 2.80 on a Mac under Catalina. It’s plugged directly into the computer.

The tablet performs fine in Gimp or other drawing programs, and it’s just as responsive as my mouse when moving things around. When I try to sculpt or paint, however, it becomes extremely slow. It doesn’t appear to be losing data, rather it lags so far behind that I can get more than a second ahead of the motions of the cursor on the screen.

Anyone have experience with this, and ideas on how best to deal with it?


I was having the same issue but only when pressing ctrl to subtract or shift to smooth. turns out the issue was windows ink. I solved it be going into the huion tablet settings and unchecking the enable windows ink under the digital pen tab. hope that helps if you’re still having issues.

I newly bought a Huion 1060 Plus. In it very laggy in Blender 2.82 2D.
It is not usable there. In 3D it is better. I don’t now way but it is very annoying.
I don’t now what to do.
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3
Regards Pontus.