Serious problem with Blender 2.5

Hi, new to Blender but not 3d. just an FYI. :slight_smile:

With this version of Blender 2.53.0 r 30581 the cpu is hitting 100% (of one core) when ever i do anything!!! eg Select a drop down, change a number, in fact ANY UI function.

I’m really hoping someone knows why this is happening, as Blender is unable like this. Tried x64 and x32 version on my HP win 7 x64, but both do the same.

Using a HP mobile workstation, which is certified to run 3d apps, commercial ones work with no issues.

I did turn off the audio = no difference.

Yes i do have the latest quadro drivers. Still no go with blender.

I really hope someone can help, i really want to get into Blender.

I don´t see the quadro drivers support blender in windows7, nor in 64b:

That might cause your issues.
You can always grab ubuntu and run blender there, IMO the smoothest fastest way to “guarantee” it´ll work.
Also keep in mind that 2.5 is was alpha and now is beta - issues might crop up all the time.
2.49b is the latest stable release.

try a newer build from, look for builds with trunk in their titles, the official beta builds if you don’t grab them within the first week or so get outdated pretty damn quick.

I can verify that Blender 2.5 31068 works fine on windows (bugs aside). The problem may be in your machine.

Often, viruses use 100% of the CPU and attach themselves to EXE files.

Hmm, that’s interesting. I thought the quadro cards, as CAD cards, would have good openGL support.

Hmm, now to diagnostics.

  • Check that it really is blender.
  • If it is:
  • Try different builds, try 2.49

Thats all i got.

Unless you are developer and/or very geeky, do not use alpha release software. Obviously, there is an issue with your machine/driver, as it works fine on other platforms. First, get the stable release version working on your machine, 2.49, and let us know how it goes.

Thanks Guys, the just an fyi, a quadro card is nvidia, its not a game card it’s specifically made for 3d & cad etc and its guaranteed to work great (but $$). the GTX type is for home/ games, the quadro’s can pump huge datasets and their drivers are more developed/complete/robust.

But I found the problem, its crazyand if your a member of blender, i dont know if here counts, maybe you can log it, the web site is not working for me.?? One bug a day is enough…lol

The problem is choose Maya from the prefs it goes ultra slow, choose blender goes fast… I wonder if that was done on purpose … lol

Thanks again.