serious rigging problems

i have a model im trying to rig, everything is going fine except one of the models legs severley distorts when any of the other bones are moved. this should not be happening, ive checked the wieght painting several times, i did not accidentally assign the leg to any other bones, so what the hell is going on? any suggestions?

Have you turned off Envelopes in the Armature modifier ?

Do you have a “real” Armature Modifier? (If you attached the mesh to the Armature with CTR-P, you’ll have an “Armature parent deform” entry under the Modifier stack with the option to “Make Real”, if so, press the Make Real button and turn off Envelopes.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, if you’ve done that and still have the problem, post the .blend file so I and others can look at it.


yeah ive done all that. I found several other examples on this site of similar problems. any way I ended up maunally selecting vetex groups, thanks for the reply.