Serious Sound Issue/Question.

I find it impossible to edit the Video to Audio without the help of the Volumetric Sound. How would I get it to display that in the VSE. (Please view the picture below to see what I’m talking about)

Anyone able to help :frowning:

Are you loading WAV file? How did you load it?

I tried both Mp3 and WAV, and I just click add -> Sound. On the VSE.

Does no one know how to do this? :<

You mean the waveform? The sound file has to be loaded into ram for that to show.

Select the strip and look in sequencer properties panel (Key N) > Sound > Caching. Turn that on then reselect the strip and the waveform should appear.

Edit: oops I just noticed your pic looks like 2.4x not 2.5x. Sorry if no help.

Thanks man that worked out! Seriously a life saver <3.