Serious space ventures get creative: The fishbowl spaceship
And Armadillo Aerospace actually plans to launch this thing into orbit after you pay a 100,000 dollar ticket. It looks unique, you put on a diving suit, go into the water bowl part and you have a 360 degree view of space.

Looks creative to say the least.

Well there are clever people out there - both the sellers and buyers alike.

How will that thing land without frying its passengers?

I imagine that it only goes about 30-100 miles up, by the looks of it it has booster that would atleast slow its decent, and there is probably a parachute system aswell.

New scientist is such a great magazing.

I doubt there is water in there, it would weigh too much. The biggest issue in rocket science is weight. Plus, if you are weightless, why would you need to be in water?
Seems pretty cool tho.

Its probably a representation of Nasa clothing.

so wait a minute I get to pay YOU $100,000 so that I can risk my life in ur spaceshipfishbowl thing

lolz, sounds like fun :smiley:

Maybe acceleration would slam you against the wall? Not totally sure though…