Serious Suggestion: Extra: Load UI option in Prefs.

This is actually one of those seemingly small things that has been bugging me
for YEARS - yet I’ve not really mentioned it, but changing the ui over the years
had made me wish for a quite pain-relieving option in the User Prefs:


I wish that the developers would ADD another LOAD UI option that can
Manually-override the LOAD FILE’s own “LOAD UI” option.


I have to locate and press the Load UI option EVERY TIME I LOAD A FILE!
Thats so annoying - especially when editing old files …yes the stack is getting
bigger and thus the issue appears more frequently.

Sometimes the Load file appears in small windows and thus the LOAD UI is hidden
so I have to “scroll” the window or make the window bigger in order to turn the
LOAD UI off! thats just plain silly.

Another thing…I’d love for all old files to keep my NEW UI instead of loading their
own respective UIS every time, therefor I’d love to have an “all-veto-Load-UI-OFF”
function in the Prefs, so I never again have to adress this issue:


I do work at HOME and at WORK. We have different computers with
different screen setups and different screen resolutions…


Different screen setups gets saved with each file each time. (gaah - insert frustation here).

Anyone agree with this?

I believe this is already possible.

When you open the file, don’t double click it, instead run blender and select “open” from the file menu.

on the bottom right of the screen is a toggle button for “load ui”

He knows about that, but it is too annoying to click every time he opens his files, and sometimes it does not fit, and is thus hidden.

This is a feature I would love to have. Another thing that would be very useful would be a hotkey to toggle it while your opening a file. Most of the time I want my current interface setup, but sometimes, when I have a specific task in the file like compositing, I would rather have the interface I setup for it. Both the feature to make it default in the User Preferences, and the feature to toggle it with a hotkey while opening a file would be very useful.