Serious use of blender

I’m making a paper and a presentation about serious gaming for school and I want include blender in it. I think that school can get profit of blender, especially in collaboration with Crystal Space. It would be fantastic to make serious games for school with blender.

I’m looking for projects done with blender for non-pure-entertainment. Like using blender for trainings or education, as they are using Unreal Tournament forSEERS simulation.
An example can be viewed on simopsstudios.

On the blender event Ton mentioned the use of Blender to fight Cancer, that sort of projects are interesting too.

Thanks aws357for How to make Blender more attractive for engineers?

Search this forum, there was somebody who was doing architectural images in Blender.

Hi - I have used Blender to visualise two alternate layouts for a new jetty/harbour (small) development where small ferries, fishing, cargo and emergeny vessels would all have to be accommodated. Presently using it to visualise whether a new development will intrude into/onto a landscape for planning submission.
Not sure if these are what you’re interested in.

Blender has been used in many commercial ways, did you not see the Brazilian commercials? search for it on BlenderNation :slight_smile: