Seriously. Give us back the old UI from 2.79b

While I like some of the things the current version offers, I really cannot stand how it works since its been changed after 2.79b. Simply changing the keymap doesn’t do anything useful. It should be an option for us to have the layout and hotkeys of our preferences. Also frankly speaking the versions after 2.79b are excessively slow even on my fastest computer that has Windows 11, and TITAN V graphics card. It’s very disappointing.

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You can always just go download 2.79b can’t you?


The keymaps and layout changes are a vast improvement. You can (as you have always been able to) change all the hotkeys.
Having the Quick Favorites is a huge improvement. Having unlimited Collections rather than 20 Layers is a huge improvement.
To be honest, your GPU is now an antique. Have a look here and change to the search Tab up top and enter your card model.
1966.75 for yours compared with the best at the moment 12167.7.


Performance regressions happen. If you found one, document it and report it as a bug.


Your GPU is 7 years old, Blender 2.79 is also 7 years old. It’s not really surprising that hardware seven years out of date works better with software seven years out of date- all of the improvements and optimizations made to Blender recently are for newer hardware


No. It is not that old. It is a card less than 6 years old.
And NVidia is still delivering drivers for it.

According to official requirements page, Blender is supporting older cards.

Maybe, driver is not up-to-date.
Maybe, it is an unreported issue, due to rarity of this kind of card.

That is not possible to perfectly mimic 2.79 because changes were too much important.

It is not possible to obtain old 2.79 toolbar in a 3.x release.
It was split into new Toolbar for new Active Tool concept and Adjust Last Operator panel.

It is not possible to obtain a 2.79 info topbar in 3.x release.
It was also split into a Topbar handling new Workspaces tabs concept, new View Layer concept and Status bar, at the bottom.

It is not possible to get rid of popovers, because editor properties to configure them are too numerous, now.

Most of editors have kept similar principles as in 2.79 UI.
You can still move an header or sidebar to opposite side of editor area.
You can split a Window as you want, and place editors where you want.
Behavior of editors changed because of new features. Many new things can be disabled.
You can disable Navigation Gizmo, Properties Synchronization with Outliner, etc…

With a little bit of patience, a 2.79 user can get used to a 3.x release.
But that does not make any sense to edit a 3.x release to hide all new stuff, that is making its interest, to make it look like to 2.79.
If you are not interested in 3.x release novelties, stay on 2.79.
If you are interested in them, you have to realize, that they could not have been handled by a 2.79 UI without more panels, popovers and tabs.
That takes a little bit of time to get used to new terms, new panels, new tabs, but that is necessary to use new features.

Isn’t that the case ? you can change the keymap and organize the layout as you like.

Seriously. Give us back the old UI from 2.79b

Since you know that’s not going to append, what do you expect posting this here? just feeling better after a good rant, or find solution to your problems ?
Then is this a good way to ask for people’s help ?


Something to note as well is that since 2.79 Blender got hundreds of new features. In a way you can say that the 2.79 is lighter (is true) but not because is better, but because it has less things to display.
(eg: sculpting brushes and featuers are very elementary compared to now)

Advancement and bloat is inevitable, these two go together.

If we talk about the “Left Panel” only then this is a far better topic for discussion, since we can figure out in a better way what needs improvement. The only major difference, is that you would have a better 50-50 distribution of UI elements, which causes better use of the available space (less collapsing, less scrolling).

I have no idea why so many people pine for the old pre 2.8 UI. It’s not like the post 2.8 releases changed things considerably. It’s basically the same setup, but with tabs, and better overall organization.

I literally cannot think of anything I thought was better in 2.79.


You probably do want to believe this, but we are still hearing of people who miss the horizontal UI and un-editable hotkeys of 2.49.
Resurrection of the 2.49b branch - Other Development Topics - Developer Forum (

Apparently, there is such a belief that 2.5 and up is not Blender (because it started the process of removing all of the quirks and random limitations in everything from animation to modeling to rendering). Blender’s true form has apparently been dead since 2008.


I just got hit by this overwhelming feeling of deja vu. I swear we’ve had this conversation before. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s next ? Give us back

  • the UI from Windows 3.11
  • the 4:3 ratio from before HD-TV
  • the SD look from before that
  • the sound of the modem dial in (and extra paying for telephone and internet time)
  • no disturbing smartphones


Yes let us go full retro… :thinking: … i really get nostalic …back in the 80’ies… best music and movies ever… (maybe just because i had more time for it…)



Okay i had my minute of nostalgia… now…

…back to reality !


oh yeah you’re right let’s just have em flip the switch

I know people can do what they want with their time blah blah blah… but.

I can usually see how someone has come to the decision of something even if I don’t agree, but I just don’t get this. What does he mean by never finished? It was released was it not? Are there things that BF promised that never made it into 2.49?

I saw that he is trying to get python 2.7 working. which as far as I am aware 2.7 is now dead. Why not port things to Python 3. It would be “future” proof and means others can come and work on it since now people are moving to Python 3. He might as well create a version for windows XP.

It seems like a nostalgia project. Which if that what he wants, he should just call it that.

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I am still using 2.79B on a regular basis for projects. This is mainly because a lot of what I am doing is working with a traditional artist sculptor on projections and animations for gallery displays and the two machines in the studio are older Mac workstations. But the machines are still going strong and still do the job and so does Blender 2.79B. It’s still a great app and solid and stable as a rock.

But of course I am using the latest version releases of Blender as well and love those too. And that’s the beauty of it. 2.79B is still there. It never went away. I have it running on both my home machines alongside the latest Blender versions. We can run whatever Blender version we like and also use multiple versions at once. So where is the problem here ?


This is some next level tier trolling - I almost fell for it.
10/10 :ok_hand:

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Take some time to carry over your hotkeys and you should feel at home.

Well, in all honesty, we really need to bring back how the world background used to default to this hideous blue-screen-like rgb 0000FF color (or something close to that) it did somewhere in 2.4x releases, from what I remember.^^

greetings, Kologe


C’mon, let’s all just “wax nostalgic” about the WordPerfect® for DOS days, when we tried to pretend that a red-on-white character on our terminal screen would one day be “bold face.”

No, I don’t miss those days at all. A very(!) substantial effort was made, a few years ago now, to completely revolutionize the Blender user interface, and “I am damned glad that they did.” (I also believe that they did a spectacular job of it …)

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Clearly Blender should never have made accessible to Windows users in the first place!
On SGI Irix, blue backgrounds never were a bad thing … :wink:

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