Seriously messed up stuff on my computer

Alright, i got back from Seattle yesterday. I had been gone for a week and let my little brother get on while i was gone. Last night I was on internet and everything was fine, but today i get on internet and i get this window that says:
System Shutdown

This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTORITY\SYSTEM

Time before shutdown: 00:01:00 (counts down)

Windows must now restart because the remote procedure Call(RPC) service terminated unexpectedly.

Now what’s that all about? Sometimes it comes up with a window that says:

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

but then the system shutdown thing comes up. Before it was counting down, but now i can drag the windows to the side and ignore them and my computer doesn’t shut down, but it’s really annoying me. It only happens when i’m on internet, and sometimes it happens right when i connect and other times it gives me 5-10 minutes before it does it. Could it be a hacker or something? I scanned for viruses and updated them, what could be going on?


Reminds me of my Microsoft Certification Class last school year where I would remote shutdown people when they would be working and have a countdown timer. I don’t remember what it said because i don’t have the win2k resource kit at home which has shutdown.exe in it. Could be it but i just don’t know anymore. Prolly isn’t what I did cause I don’t think you could ignore it. Can’t tell you for sure though cause I don’t remember everything from that class, even though I passed 3 certification exams. Hopefully you can solve your problem.

Nick V

u got a firewall? could be a trojan i think… i dunno. u can get zonealarm for free (the non-PRO version, but fully functional) from

my friend just got the same prob!!

It’s a hole in the windows security…

the name of the “bug” is rpc

make a google search and you’ll find some patch for it :smiley:

See Symantec W32 Lovsan or Blaster worm. It got in on an unsecured port.

Alright, cool. I’m downloading a patch as we speak… er, i type…

What’s weird about it though is that it only happens when i’m connected on my second phone line during the day. Right now i’m on phone line #1 (the one we use for our phone) and it’s 10:48 and i haven’t had the error.

Also, my brother has XP Pro (i have home) and he hasn’t had the error.

Oh well, my dload’s done, gotta install it. Thanks cree!


No problem, you’re welcome. This bug got through an unsecure port on windows. Take care.

That’s the exact description of the virus I just go rid of!!!

Actually, I think you are having problems with the most common computer virus on earth: Windows.

it’s because the program used by hundreds of not-funny hacker scanned the net for connections blablabla…so they probably took your 2nd line…but didn’t found the 1st one :wink:

but that virus was fast!