Seriously, What is Blender 2.82's prolem with orange?

As the title says!
To elaborate, since I switched to Blender 2.82, I have had issues with Blender not being willing to update UV mapping, or much of anything else, anytime I am using a colour even vaguenly orangeish. Current problem? Using UV Project from View in order to create a procedural micrometeor pitting effect on a cargo container. All of the other containers will update if I make an adjustment to the UV mapping. Anything colored orange will not. Even when I think it finally has, it renders out with the old UV map.
The model itself is simple enough, and the scene is relatively simple.

Using Blender 2.82, Win 7 Pro, AMD 8 core, (not Ryzen, sadly) 16 GB RAM, GTX 760FX GPU.

Problem is occuring in both Cycles and EVEE
Any constructive advice would help. Thank you in advance!

Show us some pictures. Blender doesn’t care what colour your objects or materials are. Perhaps the material is set up not to use UV mapping? Or maybe you have more than one UV Map on that particular object and you are editing the wrong one. Show us your object, your material nodes, your UV unwrapping and the UV Maps section of the Object Data tab in Properties.

Thanks for the response. In this case, I still have no idea what the problem was. I replaced the object with a nother one that was working and altered the colour and had no further problem. Posting all of that
right now would be kind of pointless.

I should have withdrawn the post. I’m not sure if I still can. If a mod wants to delete this one, have at it, please.