do these look like threads one would find in an (almost) official forum for a high-end 3d software?

the off-topic forum is full of garbage (aka ‘forum games’)…


Where else can we vent garbage after a hard day’s blending?

yeah, games have overwhelmed the off topic section…

meh, this place is nothing when it comes on how much garbage people post. try forum. I dare you.

Well guess who just added to this garbage :wink:

I’m fairly certain people like Squiggly_P and Lukus will have some rather interesting commits on the state of this forum sooner or later, the latter peppering it with colorful language as well.

I do agree that the forum games should be toned down or stopped altogether as they bump interesting discussion topics off the page, and a lot more mod enforcement in the BGE WIP forums because of what I called the ‘GameMaker’ effect in the flame thread.

I don’t know. I think forum games are a kinda “silly-funny” addition to the off topic forum. Maybe forum games should be a sub forum in the off topic, so that the normal discussion could be the top of their forum.

Good points there CD!

Yep… this wasn’t as much the case when I joined.

Why anyone would expect to find something (almost) official about blender in the off topic section is beyond me.

Isn’t it kind of the whole point to have things that aren’t about blender in this section?

And, really, who cares?

Off-topic does not mean 6 useless active threads…

there have been good uses for off-topic that keep me coming back…
people have been asking for advice on webhosting, operating systems, which music to listen to, technical help with some applications, which other 3d program to use, which external renderer… etc etc…
just something useful and meaningful…

i’m aware that i probably shouldn’t impose certain topics, but come on… 6 threads of active forum games is too much…

Yea, forum games are totally useless, things can be off-topic but still meaningful discussions. Not related to blender doesn’t mean “OMG check out these pictures of my pubes” or “Insult the mother of the user above you”.

My personal opinion and not meant as an attack, but to post a topic with a name like “seriously” is 10 times worse than posting a goof-off thread in an off-topic section. Goof off threads in an off-topic section are just an excuse to get to know who’s hanging out on the board recently. Where-as “seriously” is a header designed to drag people in here just to find out what the heck “seriously” is referring to. Seriously though, you need to include the actual description in your topic names… seriously though.

Thank you.

dyf, why can’t off topic be about useless stuff? Not EVERYTHING has to be used. If forum games are what people like to do, then tough luck kid.

i love how you miss the whole point of the thread

I think he just means that this part of the forum (the off topic) doesn’t have to be about serious discussion. That’s why it’s off topic. It could be just fun or a serious discussion.

Look at this board. It’s a million times worse than the off-topic section. And the mods there tried to get rid of it, and there’s a sticky about its failure to be destroyed ;_; But I actually managed to get banned from it by going overboard to the extreme… (not porn, it had to do with kittens and hammers).

They probably have a hell of a lot of storage space.

Here’s a few topic names I can recall:

“hold my boobs”




I thought it was rather obvious that people who bang their heads against incredibly complex software in their free time , absolutely need some down time. Especially when we wake up in the middle of the night with the most important issue of our time burning a hole in our brain? What if the taliban get the transformers before the free world does? What kind of a world will we live in?

There’s a point???

It goes as follows. “seriously.”

Or more specifically, that our down time shouldn’t consist of posting in/making forum games and the like.