Personally, I find the forum games to be harmless entertainment. And fun. And they’re at least a little bit creative, IMO. It’s the equivalent of what used to be called water-cooler chitchat at work, and like that it’s harmless unless it takes over. And I think 6 games out of however many are in the OT section hardly constitutes “taking over”.

Lukus has more colorful language than me? I’ll have to try harder…

But yeah, people pretty much know where I stand on this issue. I don’t really have a problem with the occasional game or random thread. It really goes beyond just the game threads, to be honest. There’s a lot of … superfluous stuff in here. I understand that it’s off-topic and that that means many things to many people. I just consider the term ‘off-topic’ to refer to things that might generally be interesting or informative to other people who are also into 3D / art / computer stuff, but not directly related to Blender itself. Things like animated films, tech news, industry news, questions about computers / games / movies…

Front Page Contents as of right now:
Computer Question
This Thread
General 3D Question
Health Question (I guess?)
Music Thread
Forum Policy Question (??)
Music/Sound Question
3D Animation Thread
3D Animation Thread
Potato Crisps Thread
Forum Activity
Forum Activity (Game for masochists, maybe?)

There are a few other nice threads, a few introduction threads, several support questions in the wrong place and one pornographic spam thread.

In the sample above, the ratio to what I would consider ‘worthwhile’ to ‘worthless’ is 10:9. That’s just over 50%, and the ratio for the full page is around the same if you include the introduction threads (which there should probably be a sticky for, but meh). In my ideal world, that would be more like 80%, and on some of the more strick forums I frequent, that is pretty much 100% all the time, save for stuff that gets locked and falls off in a day or two.

I include this thread as it’s existence is a result of the other stuff here already.

I don’t know if I should really complain all that much, as these game threads are obviously popular and shutting them down would probably alienate a lot of people, but I do think it’s something that people would be wise to think about before adding to the noise with more games, etc. How long will it be before there are a dozen game threads always at the top of the page? Would a subforum for game threads / forum activities make sense at that point? Stickies?