Serpens. Is anyone here using it?


I’m hoping to connect with other Serpens users so we can help each other out…

Moved thread from #coding:python-support to #general-forums:blender-and-cg-discussions, as this is more of a social / collab matter.

Go to their discord server, very active and very helpful.

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Link to the Serpens Discord as @Domiek suggested.

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Thanks. I’ve been a Blender Artists member for 20 yrs? I was hoping there might be some users here?

There’s quite a few add-ons here that have been written with it. You can search for “Serpens” to find those threads and then message those posters directly :slight_smile:

As for me personally, no, I don’t, I prefer the simplicity and usability of pure Python


I actually really like using serpens as a better guide when i write addons in python, some times i just don’t understand the Blender API doc at all.

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Thanks. I’ll do a search Addons made with Serpens :+1:

I used serpens also it is very practical.

From what I saw on a few youtube vdeos I think this is a great entry point into addon creation. Visual scripting is definitely a great tool.

I wouldn’t design something for a team or to be efficient with it because the generated code looks like, well, generated code. So maybe it will be a little hard to extend beyond a certain point. I didn’t test it myself though.

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