Serpent Beast

This is a dragon I designed for my animation project( )

It’s supposed to be some sort of water beast which is also able to fly. The modeling job is about 80% done I think but I’m looking foward to the texturing and rigging part :slight_smile:


I would not sell this as a dragon but more of a stingray. And as a such it looks good.

That’s very cool there. Just something quick to note, you may want to work on evening out the ridges on his back and fins (wings?) But even those aren’t too far off.

Good job. :slight_smile:

Like Odjin said, I do not see this as a Dragon, but on his comment on it being a stingray, it may be different enough you could just give it a name.

I really do like the body, but I think the head almost looks like a witch to me…lol :yes:
I think you should work a little bit more on that one and you’ll have an awesome creature.
keep it up

Well, I didn’t want to make a traditional dragon. I wanted to make something more unique and this is what I ended up with :slight_smile: I like your idea of creating a whole new species instead trying to sell this as a dragon and I might even do that. Thanks for the comments, both of you! =)

Thanks for the tips! I’ll try to fix everything on the vertex level once I get the basic shape ready.

Thanks! I was kinda afraid someone would comment about the head :slight_smile: I wanted the head to be scary and weird but still a bit fish-like. I’m usually trying to create something fairly unique by combining lot’s of different stuff from almost everywhere. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I personally like the basic concept of the head but I’ll try to improve it and possibly even make it look less like a witch :wink: