"Serpent's Cross"-esque symbol.

This is something of a personal symbol of mine; I end up drawing it in one form or another almost every day, and I end up doing it at least once in any graphics format or program that I’m good enough not to make a total mess out of it with (and sometimes ones that I’m not . . .)

One subdiv mesh, one really long 3d bezier with a grumpy little mess of a taper graph, one much simpler bezier, one little 20-ish facet gem-thing that came out much better than I expected for the little bit of work I put into it. Total time . . . five, six hours probably, starting from barely knowing how to use a curve and spending quite a lot of time not doing the right thing to my subdivision edges … :).

It’s over here in finished because I’m not likely to do a heck of a lot more to it until I just end up starting over from scratch again; feel free, however, to point out anything that could have been done better. :slight_smile:

And before anyone asks: yeah, it is sorta based on the symbol in Full Metal Alchemist. In the sense of, I hadn’t really watched the show in six months or so when I first evolved the original version of this out of a different symbol I was fiddling with (something of a shepherd’s crook around a solar cross / earth symbol), and I didn’t even make the connection until I’d been playing with it for a month or so.

Haven’t ever really figured out a good name for it. “Serpent’s Cross” is what I usually think, but that feels too close to the FMA / Flamel stuff; “Dragon’s Cross” is usually what I mean, but the phrase itself just sounds bad to me . . .

(Wow, what a totally smug smiley . . . > :slight_smile: <)

(Also, I copied this out to NoteTab to chek spelling since it had gotten to a length that I consider that a good idea for, and it wanted to replace “bezier” with “beer” . . . . Considering the day, that almost sounds like a good idea.)


As a logo, I actually think it’s pretty awesome. Nice design and over-all job. I’m thinking you could work on presentation though instead of ‘over a green square, j0’ /:stuck_out_tongue: All-in-all though, quite decent work.