Serve ads in game and direct money to Blender?

How would I do ad-space in my loading screens?

Can some one make an asset?

I would like for my revenue to go to the BGE for this first project,
Can some one make a template?

then I hope to get a job :slight_smile:

(Internet appears as only opportunity for employment)

Ask the owners of free world group websight how they do it.Go to gamedev net and ask them.But first register.

I meant for a specific setup for blender, to post here as a resource

Nobody is giving it to you yet.It looks like you are going to have to make it yourself.You might as well start.
Some people like to help people when they have made an effort.Show us some code for that or did you do that already.

This is way out of my league as it will require a mix of codes, html ,java, and python,

In short I need help

I’d think that you would want to develop an ad system in isolation for security, rather than making it part of an open project. What would stop someone from taking that code, and altering it to redirect to their own, private ad account?

The ad would have to actually display on the screen. Displaying images is possible using BGUI (I would assume you would download the ad image with a Python socket and draw it onscreen), but that’s just if the ad is a simple image. You might have to actually develop a browser kind of interface for ads inside of games. A good start might be to look into sites and companies that actually offer ads inside of games, since not every company would do it (Google might offer it, for example, but it might also only be on mobile devices). It would also be worth looking into how other engines do it (i.e. how would a PC Unity game have ads in-game).

In any case, maybe you should worry about ads further down the line, when the game is approaching completion or alpha / beta release. As has been pointed out before, ads by themselves don’t generate much income. I know from experience that it takes hundreds of visits before you see a few dollars.

I would consider using 3rd party provider

It’s a lot of responsibility (and legal liability) when you start to take peoples money. A 3rd party would be responsible to shoulder that as that is their service they offer.

Great idea Q,


now I just need to socket this in…

Do you think someone @ could help?

I never want the money in my account, I would rather it go right to them,

and solar, I want to make a community around the game, so we are talking 1000’s of hits per day,

if we all work on this,we can make it great,

I need money eventually, but I am more of a “Director” then anything, as I am part artist, part engineer, and little tiny bit of a coder,

and without a title, I will never get a job

I think Wrectified can bring us together, and then the resources we make we can use again and again,


That sounds an awful lot like being an “ideas guy.” You should work on improving yourself in order to get what you want, rather than trying to get other people to do work for you. It’s ultimately easier, and a lot more fun I think.

Here are some free resources. With your energy level you probably could work through them pretty rapidly if you focused.

  • Udacity has a pretty good intro to Computer Science course using Python where you make a search engine.
  • From there you can do the exercises on Codecademy to learn Python and HTML.
  • I’m not sure if you meant Javascript but there are a series of Java tutorials here.
  • Here is another Java series specifically on game development.
  • Memrise has some stuff too - including algorithms and design patterns.

If you need to boost your Math skills try Khan Academy. If you’re really going to do any game dev, you’ll at least want a good grasp of Trigonometry - but I’d just do all of it.

I know physics and trig,

I just don’t really apply it well all the time,

I am also almost 100% self taught…

I have inventions that may one day get you to space :slight_smile:

I have a friend building a prototype of my "Zeropto system, (Zero Propellant To Orbit)

We all are best at what we are best @, I will take try and read / attend all I can, (but I still need this moving forward while I do)

What I really need is a “Master” or “Sire” to help me while I do stuff (I know it sounds odd) but this seems to be the most effective way for me to learn,
(not that it is not the same for everyone I just don’t learn some things well unless I am applying it while learning it to something applicable to me)

my memory is … full

this is why I push for a collaborative and avatar and chat app built into blender,
so I can watch what you do, while you explain it,

Maybe put together a relatively small team so each aspect of what you’re trying to accomplish receives 100%. Provided each member has the same goals in mind. Have a happy St. Patty’s Day, and ERIN GO BRA-LESS.

That is a good call, so we can all get paid

like 3% to each artist/coder, and the rest for the Devs?

so 33% is 10 people ?

happy St.Patties :slight_smile:

I am part Irish

Scotch and Irish here. In the 14th century our last name was McGregor then changed to preserve the family. Always remember, 2 heads are better than one and in this case having input from, say, 10 heads could be a major asset. Making them equal partners, at least to start with might get your ball rolling faster. Equal money and time invested would keep everybody on the same page with an equal vested interest. It’s just a thought. I’m retired now with not much interest in getting back into the work-force and no-where near where I want to be as far as being professional in this line of work, otherwise I’d consider joining your quest. For now, I’m happy as a hobbyist. Cheers

As am I,

an army of monkeys with type writers…

Need help learning?
I am from Michigan originally as well,

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